A girl at a party Metal worker grinding a piece of metal A female doctor standing in a hospital hallway Employees in a workshop Father and child playing chess Firefighters turning a car around A dentist showing you how to brush teeth Girl and boy on sofa with cat on lap A stylish boy smoking a cigarette in the dark A boy reaching out of a car window and taking a picture A male model standing on a lake jetty in the evening Woman tending a vegetable garden Firefighter at a scene of a crash Boy drinks straight from a bottle at a party Boys sitting in a harbour smoking cigarettes Pole dancer on a lake Two men standing in a crowd Organist and drummer playing in church Pole dancer on a pole with a child on her lap Welfare area meeting in a hall Boy throwing a basketball Three colleagues chatting while sitting on the edge of a pier Woman sitting in an amusement park at night with a cotton candy in her hand A graduate posing in a forest with a rose in her hand A gardener posing in a forest Group of young people partying on a stall Male model smoking a cigarette in the dark Outside corner of building Girl posing with red sunglasses Group of young people leaving a party Woman celebrating in a fountain Man talking into a microphone on a boat Ship approaching port Man sitting in a wheelchair Group of people celebrating at a fountain A man talking on a phone in an office phone booth Two boys posing with drinks in their hands Woman looking at her watch in living room A crowd on a deck of a ship Men bathing in a fountain Welfare area meeting in a hall A boy driving a car in a crowd of people Boy smoking a cigarette posing with a girl holding a drink A dentist holding instruments in their hands Male model standing on a lake jetty in the evening A boy sitting in a harbour smoking a cigarette Welfare area meeting in a hall People queuing for an amusement park kiosk A crowd of people walking in a harbour Young people reading books in a park People gathered in a library to listen to a show Plant poisoning A metalworker sharpening a saw blade Boy celebrating with drinks in hand Two women chatting on a terrace Pole dancer smiling on a pole Women chatting in a office A woman watching a presentation Jet ski on a lake Young people posing outside in fancy clothes Children climbing on a play frame People queuing on a boat A boy offers a drink to another at a party Boy posing in a crowd Young people sitting in stands Stylish boys smoking cigarettes outside People enjoying on a deck of a boat Young people posing at a party A nurse instructing a man in a wheelchair on exercising Side profile of a boy at a party Man changing the battery of a smoke alarm in a living room Girls chatting at a party Amusement park equipment in motion Young people outdoors with drinks in hand Ship employees chatting Pole dancer on a lake Woman sitting on a sofa under a blanket with a coffee cup in her hands Child playing in a play frame Young people toasting drink bottles Boys posing outdoors Firefighters sitting at rescue station Boy throwing a basketball Girls posing for camera Couple standing in an amusement park A group of young people partying indoors Girl looking at her phone in an amusement park Firefighters turning a car around A person filming a gig on their phone
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