Copyright Policy

Copyrights are legal protection mechanisms that grant creators the exclusive right to their own works. They give the author the right to decide how his or her works are used and distributed. Copyright recognizes the value of creative work, encourages creativity, and provides economic recognition for creators. Enforcing them is important for creating a fair and sustainable creative ecosystem.

All material appearing on the website is produced and owned by Arttu Kuoppala and is therefore protected by copyright unless otherwise indicated. Copyright law protects all material from unauthorized use.

If you wish to use copyrighted material in your own work, please contact Arttu Kuoppala Customer Care at

Arttu Kuoppala has full authority to 1. restrict unauthorized use of copyrighted works, 2. recover damages for unauthorized use of copyrighted material, and / or 3. take legal action for copyright infringement.

Arttu Kuoppala complies with Finnish copyright law.

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