Arttu Kuoppala

Arttu Kuoppala has always been deeply fascinated by diverse and multidimensional visual art fields, ranging from photography and videography to graphic arts and printmaking. His passion stems from the sense of freedom that visual expression gives him, allowing him to express himself. Arttu enjoys evoking emotions and conveying messages and ideas in a unique and diverse way. This power of interaction inspires him to continually deepen and develop in the art of visual expression.

His work aims to create not only beauty but also storytelling that deepens the viewer's experience and evokes emotions. He strives to create visual worlds that tell their own unique stories. The quiet power of Arttu's works invites the viewer to reflect and explore the depths of art.

Arttu is inspired by the closeness of people and their unique stories. He is focused on capturing people, businesses, stories and meaningful moments. Arttu believes that these elements create a rich and profound foundation for creating art.